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We reject Renovationism, we keep Tradition. In the words of St Athanasius the Great: ‘We must not serve time, we must serve God’. Tradition is part of the identity of our Church, not an idea, but a way of life. Thanks to our adherence to Sacred Tradition, to prayer, fasting, confession and the liturgical cycle, we still have tightly-knit families and monastic life - our spiritual strength. Sacred Tradition is our churchliness, the spirit of the New Martyrs, who sacrificed themselves for the Tradition. Let us therefore be New Confessors and sacrifice ourselves for Sacred Tradition.

Monks descended in the nets or on retractable wooden ladders up to 40m long to the fertile valleys below to grow grapes, corn, and potatoes. Each community developed its own resources and by the end of the 14th century, the Grand Meteoron emerged as the dominant community. Its wealth included landed estates, flocks of sheep, and herds of cattle.

*The condition and signing of paths and tracks on the Holy Mountain are subject to continual change. While care has been taken in producing and maintaining each description, including independent validation, the Friends of Mount Athos does not take any responsibility for its accuracy or currency. Copies of footpath descriptions are available, free, from the Friends website, and in a number of places on or associated with the Holy Mountain.

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