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–  Sustainment.  The intensity of close combat in the trench undoubtedly results in increased resource requirements.

The weapon is manufactured by Norinco for the People's Liberation Army , the armed forces of the People's Republic of China . An export version known as the QBB-97 family is also available, which fires the ×45mm NATO round.

A-5.      The M240B is organic to the Infantry platoon. Two machine guns and crews are found in the weapons squad (Figure A-2). The M240B can be fired in the assault mode in emergencies, but is normally fired from the bipod or tripod platform. It can also be vehicle mounted. The platoon leader (through his weapons squad leader) employs his M240B machine guns with a rifle squad to provide long range, accurate, sustained fires against dismounted infantry, apertures in fortifications, buildings, and lightly-armored vehicles. The M240B also provides a high volume of short-range fire in self defense against aircraft. Machine gunners use point, traversing, searching, or searching and traversing fire to kill or suppress targets.

These perks return once again in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance , but are now sorted into tiers. So unlike Black Ops DS where the player can pick any perk to equip in their perk slots. Players are now restricted into using perks in their allocated tier.

In terms of leadership the translated manual states that leading by example is essential. It is explicitly stated:
“In order to be a leader in the field, a superior must display an exemplary bearing before his men in the moment of danger and be willing, if necessary, to die for them. The weak and vacillating are then guided by his example and by his disregard of self in accepting privations and dangers.” (The German Squad in Combat: p. 10)

Penetration Firing Squad