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Opel had a % market share in Germany and was also the country's largest automobile exporter in 1928. The "Regent" – Opel's first eight-cylinder car – was offered. The RAK 1 and RAK 2 rocket-propelled cars made sensational record-breaking runs.

Just north of Sogo, facing Hong Kong's storied harbourside and the Yacht Club is wtc more ( ), next to the Excelsior Hotel. This is the rebranded World Trade Centre. On the fourth floor (P4) you'll find a large and well stocked Muji ( ), stacked high, and neatly, with clothes and kitchen utensils and containers as well as snacks and microwave dinners. Prices are surprisingly reasonable at this Japanese "no-brand" store. Pick up a long-sleeve cotton shirt for HK$190 or a flannel full sleeve shirt for men at HK$299. Next door is Korean shoe store Spur with its seven-layer design including arch support and anti-skid outsole, with prices from HK$699. On P5 is UniQlo ( /hk ), with more attractively priced clothing, jeans, suits, blouses, and t-shirts aimed at younger shoppers. And on P3, a large Global Work (world fashion) store.

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Bannerman Castle: Pollepel Island, New York Believe it or not, this abandoned castle was built to be a storage space for Francis Bannerman VI. Bannerman built the castle in 1900 after buying an American military surplus back from the Spanish after the war. In 1920, a large collection of explosives went off inside the castle, leaving it in ruins and rendering it pretty much useless. Now, Bannerman’s Castle is the property of the New York State Parks Office and is slowly collapsing piece by piece. In 2015, a woman named Angelika Graswald was murdered by her fiance on the abandoned castle grounds.

Christopher Stewart and Penelope Magnet, known collectively as RedZone , presented Spears with the third song they had written and produced, "Pop Culture Whore". While her management liked the track, she rejected it, telling them the song "sucked". After bonding with Spears during a night in New York City to "get in her world", as Magnet explained, it was easier to "actually write and know what she would and wouldn't say, to know where her real vibe is". Stewart and Magnet began working on the first version of "Me Against the Music"; Stewart came up with the track, while Magnet developed the melody on a piano and some of the lyrics. [20] During the recording sessions, Stewart recalls that the studio's air-conditioning died for three days, but Spears "didn't complain or anything, and for me that shows she's where she is for a reason." [21] While rehearsing for their performance at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Spears played a finished version of "Me Against the Music" to Madonna. After Madonna commented that she liked the track, Spears asked her to do the song with her. [22] RedZone then handed "Me Against the Music" to Madonna, who arranged and recorded her vocal additions on her own, therefore making the song a duet. [21] Spears, who has been a fan of Madonna for years, was "beyond surprised" when she heard Madonna's verse. She said "I just asked her to do a little thing, but she really went there. She did a lot of stuff to it." [2] RedZone were then enlisted to work on several more songs for the album, including co-writing "Early Mornin'", recording background vocals for "Outrageous" and producing "The Hook Up". [20]

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