Kissing the pink radio on - Mural of Trump Kissing Netanyahu in Bethlehem Vandalized.


Whitecross, Hall and Stewart collaborated on many dance records in the early 1990s, [1] and made it to the top of the dance charts in 1994 with the artist Mike ("Twangling (Three Fingers in a Box)" on Pukka Records). They made an album in 2003 with jazz saxophonist Candy Dulfer called Right In My Soul . They also worked with Gareth Gates on his Pictures of the Other Side album. Whitecross has written a considerable amount of material for pop artists such as Shea Seger . The band wrote and feature on four tracks on the X-Press 2 album Makeshift Feelgood , alongside Tim DeLaughter , Kurt Wagner and Rob Harvey from The Music .

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Seamlessly blending Americana, blues, rock, folk, country and a myriad of other influences into a powerful and provactive product affectionately called "death folk"

The Northland's #1 music radio station. Hibbing Minnesota’s home to weather, cancellations, news, Charli, Craig & The Kid, and Otis Day.

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Kissing The Pink Radio OnKissing The Pink Radio OnKissing The Pink Radio OnKissing The Pink Radio On