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Between The Last Wave and his next feature, Weir wrote and directed the offbeat low-budget telemovie The Plumber (1979). [2] It starred Australian actors Judy Morris and Ivar Kants and was filmed in just three weeks. [3] Inspired by a real-life experience told to him by friends, it is a black comedy about a woman whose life is disrupted by a subtly menacing plumber. Weir scored a major Australian hit and further international praise with his next film, the historical adventure-drama Gallipoli (1981). Scripted by the Australian playwright David Williamson , it is regarded as classic Australian cinema . Gallipoli was instrumental in making Mel Gibson ( Mad Max ) into a major star, although his co-star Mark Lee , who also received high praise for his role, has made relatively few screen appearances since.

How are we shaped by the city we live in? The Lake is Canberra’s most distinctive feature and the thing that gives the city its coordinates.

All three Royal Ballet associated choreographers will mark Leonard Bernstein’s centenary with a triple bill of one-act ballets.

Grammatik is a London based marketing and PR agency with global reach, specialising in the creative technology industry.

Other films : (information on some of these films come from and ScreenSound Australia )
all films directed by Peter Weir unless otherwise noted. "Heart, Head and Hand" (1979) : A 20 minute documentary. "Scenes from the life and work of potter Peter Rushforth. This film shows how Rushforth's philosophy and strong belief in craft as a way of life has reached all those with whom he had been in contact, and the respect and admiration in which he is held both personally and professionally by students, colleagues and friends." " Luke's Kingdom " (1976) : Australian mini-series consisting of 13 episodes. Peter Weir directed at least one of the episodes. "Whatever Happened to Green Valley" (1973) : "Green Valley, a Housing Commission estate 25 miles west of Sydney, has been subjected to harsh criticism over the years by sections of the media. Supplied with Film Australia equipment, the residents were invited to show themselves and their daily lives. The core of the film is the work of half a dozen Valley residents who selected the subject matter, filmed it, and supervised its editing."  Peter Weir coordinated the project and also chaired the debate at the end of the film. "The Aunty Jack Show (1973) : An Australian television comedy series. Peter Weir was one of the writers. The Aunty Jack Page , The Golden Glove . "The Fifth Facade" (1973) : A 30 minute documentary on the construction and official opening of the Sydney Opera House. Peter Weir was the screenwriter. "Australian Colour Diary No. 43: Three Directions in Australian Pop Music" (1972) : An 11 minute documentary short for Film Australia. "Offers a sample of three trends in recent Australian pop music: the theatrical act of Wendy Saddington and Teardrop; the jug music of the Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band; and the popular rock group Indelible Murtceps. "Incredible Floridas" (1972) : 10 minute documentary short for Film Australia. "Incredible Floridas is composer Richard Meale's homage to the French poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Scored for woodwind, percussion and string instruments, it was written for the "Fires of London" and their conductor, Peter Maxwell Davies, and premiered in London in 1971 to a enthusiastic reception. Richard Meale is a leader in contemporary music in Australia." A Series of "adult learning" films from 1972

"Tempo: Australia in the 70's" (1971) : A 25 minute documentary directed by Keith Gow and co-written by Peter Weir. "Impressions of life and industry in Australia, emphasising growth and development. The emphasis is on the great potential for growth and economic development in the 1970's." "Stirring the Pool" (1970) "Three to Go" (1969) : Trilogy of stories. The 28 minute "Michael" episode was directed by Peter Weir. "Part of a trilogy concerning the problems of young people in Australia. Michael has to make decisions in the complex but permissive world of today. His friends have followed a relatively straight and narrow path of conformity. Michael has more or less taken this course, but knows that other ways exist. He is prepared to listen to the prophets of change and revolution and is taken on an excursion into the world of the young radical. In which world does Michael belong?" "The Life and Flight of Reverend Buckshotte" (1968) : a spoof of cult religions with Weir playing the title role. "Count Vim's Last Exercise" (1967) : 16 minute B&W film. BACK

Wendy Saddington Wendy Saddington The Copperwine LiveWendy Saddington Wendy Saddington The Copperwine LiveWendy Saddington Wendy Saddington The Copperwine LiveWendy Saddington Wendy Saddington The Copperwine Live