Bobby jameson i wanna love you - Ariel Pink s New Album Dedicated to Bobby Jameson.

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Bobby Jameson , of course, is no somber affair. He sings “Santa’s in the Closet” like a voice-over for a Halloween store commercial, and in “Dreamdate Narcissist,” he references Netflix, Uber, and chillwave within the first 20 seconds. But taken as a whole, the songs on Bobby Jameson play with a startling intimacy. These are among Pink’s simplest, sharpest compositions, sprawling with an intuitive charm. Its sense of ease harkens back to long ago, when Pink’s records mostly served to expand his strange universe with little outside influence. Maybe that’s what he sees in the record’s titular figure: a cautionary tale whose wasted potential loomed large until the bitter end. “Even now,” Jameson wrote, eight years before his death, “There is a part of me that still believes, ‘My name is Bobby Jameson and I am a star.’ I am also alone.”

“You were gone a while.” He sat said as I sat back down. He looked more bored than worried. “I had to find something more interesting than listening to McKinney, any more of his shit and I’d off myself right here.” I replied. “Did you find anything? Interesting, I mean.” He asked in a hushed tone, trying to be respectful of the still rambling Principle. “The only thing out there is more bored people looking for something to do.” I said with a smile, then I kissed him full on the mouth and my heart raced.

Bobby Jameson I Wanna Love YouBobby Jameson I Wanna Love YouBobby Jameson I Wanna Love YouBobby Jameson I Wanna Love You