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Due to the popularity of the song, many versions of it exist by different artists and in several languages. Cover artists include:

Jennifer Kraemer is director of the O-M bands. The chorus director is Ian MacDonald. Alex MacDonald served as accompanist.

In Oklahoma territory in 1906, cowboy Curly McLain looks forward to the beautiful day ahead as he wanders into farm girl Laurey Williams's yard (" Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' "). He and Laurey tease each other, while her Aunt Eller looks on. There will be a box social dance that night, which includes an auction of lunch baskets prepared by the local women to raise funds for a schoolhouse. The man who wins each basket will eat the lunch with the lady who prepared it. Curly asks Laurey to go with him, but she refuses, feeling that he has waited too long. He attempts to persuade her by telling her that he will take her in the finest carriage money can buy (" The Surrey with the Fringe on Top "), but she teases him about it until he says he made it up to get back at her. She flounces off, not realizing that he really has rented such a rig.

Helene Smith Sings Sweet SoulHelene Smith Sings Sweet SoulHelene Smith Sings Sweet SoulHelene Smith Sings Sweet Soul