Various necronomicon 1 - The Great Old Ones Of Lovecraftian Legend Reinterpreted As.

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My question is, why is wrong with thoughts that ancient alien theorists provoke? Science should be open minded to ALL ignoring those possibilities that closes off everything that could be learned by exploring that theory. How would you explain Puma Punku, or any other megalithic structure? So far ancient astronaught theories are the only ones that make sense.

Below is an alphabetical list of Lovecraft’s fiction, revisions, collaborations, and miscellaneous minor works, as well as some tales that are not extant. The dates for each of the tales are based primarily on . Joshi’s “Chronology of the Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft” included in Arkham House’s Dagon and Other Macabre Tales , but includes some changes based on Mr. Joshi’s ongoing research. This list is also available in both chronological order and publication order .

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For his part, Lovecraft said he found his mother to be "a positive marvel of consideration." [31] A next-door neighbor later pointed out that what others in the neighborhood often supposed were loud, nocturnal quarrels between mother and son, she recognized as being recitations of Shakespeare; an activity that seemed to delight mother and son. [32] Susie had an adoration for French literature , having studied French in boarding school. Lovecraft, though he never matched his mother's admiration of French literature, admired her knowledge and devotion to it. [33] Lovecraft recalls Susie also had a passion for painting landscapes of the surrounding countryside, though none of her work survives today. One of his Lovecraft's later friends, C. M. Eddy Jr. , became aware of Lovecraft due to his wife Muriel, whose mother-in-law attended a women's suffrage meeting where she met Susie. [30]

Evidently all dreamers see the Dreamlands slightly differently, as Atal, High Priest of Ulthar, mentions that everyone has their own dreamland. In the same sentence he says the Dreamlands that many know is a "general land of vision."

The Symposium of Plato
In this colloquium on the nature of companionship, Plato proposed a theory of the origin of humanity in which Zeus created three genders: men, women and androgynes. The androgynes were split into two and since then each half has been searching for the other. This is actually not an unusual creation story.

If they are confronted with enemies whom armed themselves with Kandarian Dagger, they were less brave against them because the Kandarian Dagger can kill them and burn them upon contact with the blade. They are also obsessed in securing the Necronomicon-Ex Mortis, as the said grimoire is the only thing that can summon and control/enslave them.

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