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On the northern side of Tenerife, temperatures tend to peak at a slightly cooler °C and falls to an average overnight low of °C.

Readers may remember Charlotte Allen’s September 12, 2016, cover story on high-speed rail in the Golden State: “ Bullet Train to Nowhere: The Ultimate California Boondoggle .” Allen memorably visited “a 1,600-foot viaduct spanning the Fresno River on the rural outskirts of Madera,” which was just about the only construction then taking place on a system projected to one day stretch over 500 miles. “The bullet-train project has moved more slowly—far more slowly—than its boosters anticipated,” she reported.

The adverbs slow and slowly are actually not used in exactly the same way. A usage note at the entry for the adverb slow in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary explains:

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