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The band were often at odds with producer Andy Gill over the musical direction of the album. Anthony Kiedis has expressed disappointment at the overall sound, feeling that it lacked the raw energy of their original 1983 demo tape. [6] [7] In his 2004 autobiography Scar Tissue , Kiedis recalled "One day I got a glimpse of Gill’s notebook, and next to the song Police Helicopter, he’d written 'Shit.' I was demolished that he had dismissed that as shit. Police Helicopter was a jewel in our crown. It embodied the spirit of who we were, which was this kinetic, stabbing, angular, shocking assault force of sound and energy. Reading his notes probably sealed the deal in our minds that 'Okay, now we’re working with the enemy', It became very much him against us, especially Flea and me. It became a real battle to make the record." [7]

The funk-heavy Freaky Styley (1985), the last album featuring Martinez on drums, was produced by P-Funk's George Clinton and featured appearances by funk horn players Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley. The record went largely unnoticed at the time. Irons returned to the band in time for the more rock-oriented The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (Number 148, 1987), which sold better than its predecessor. Any optimism was shattered by the 1988 death of Slovak from a heroin overdose. Disturbed by Slovak's death and Kiedis' own heroin problem, Irons quit the band a second time. An interim band with P-Funk guitarist Blackbyrd McKnight and Dead Kennedys drummer . Peligro did not take hold. Kiedis recruited a Chili Peppers fan, guitarist John Frusciante, and auditions brought drummer Chad Smith. This version of the band recorded Mother's Milk (Number 52, 1989). With videos for "Knock Me Down" and a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" on MTV, it looked like the Peppers were about to break through.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Up And Jump Baby AppealThe Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Up And Jump Baby AppealThe Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Up And Jump Baby AppealThe Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Up And Jump Baby Appeal