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For these jello shots, I poured the mixture of gelatin, ginger ale, and Fireball into my silicone peanut butter cup mold  so they were cupcake shaped and then topped them with some fiery buttercream. The recipe for the frosting comes from Cupcake Wars winner Heather Saffer who recently published The Dollop Book of Frosting . This post is a part of her holiday blog tour and she was nice enough to send me a copy of the book to peruse. This recipe immediately stuck out at me, I can’t say no to hot cinnamon flavored treats! It was one of the frostings that helped her win Cupcake Wars, and I can attest that it’s worth the win. The creamy frosting made a great “chaser” for the Fireball jello shot, piped beautifully, and added a punch of sweetness. With green sprinkles and a red hot on top, they’re fit for the holidays and ready to warm you up in one sweet bite!

Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Erica Pomerance was a singer/songwriter whose coming of age in the hippie flower power era is easily heard and deciphered on this recording.

Erica You Used To ThinkErica You Used To ThinkErica You Used To ThinkErica You Used To Think