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Edmund and Dorothy Yates are freed after fifteen years in an asylum. Edmund covers up for his wife who is a murderer and a cannibal and Dorothy's daughter Debbie and stepdaughter Jackie, ... See full summary  »

 The European All Stars 1961   Label: Telefunken BLE 14206-P   12" LP 1961

GERMANY Strong identity labels in German jazz Record labels with strong identity has since the 1960s been significant on the German jazz scene. Labels such as MPS ...

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The Pick: Capitals in six.
Why? Washington ran away from the rest of the Eastern Conference and have a deep and talented roster that has legitimate designs on a Stanley Cup. As well as the Flyers have played to surge into the postseason, they have more holes and will likely need Steve Mason to steal the series if they are going to knock off the Capitals. The challenge there is that while the Capitals are a middling possession team, they always have a great power play and Mason has struggled in shorthanded situations this year, so if the Flyers are going to overcome the Capitals, they will need to somehow avoid getting burned by Alex Ovechkin and company with the man advantage.

Gustav Brom And His Orchestra Kyrie EleisonGustav Brom And His Orchestra Kyrie EleisonGustav Brom And His Orchestra Kyrie EleisonGustav Brom And His Orchestra Kyrie Eleison