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A fourth album, Standing in the Light , was released in 1983. Produced by Larry Dunn and Verdine White (of Earth, Wind & Fire ), this album began a new era for the band, being less experimental and jazzy than previous releases. It provided them with their first UK Top Ten hit, " The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) ". Notably, the album featured no instrumental tracks, with the band now focusing heavily on songs. (The band would not release another instrumental on an album until 1988's Staring at the Sun ).

The album features three singles. The first single " Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? " peaked at #49; the second, " Weave Your Spell ", peaked at #43. The third single was " The Chinese Way ", and became the band's first top thirty hit when it reached #24 in 1983. It was issued in five countries beyond the United Kingdom, including Ireland , Germany and United States of America .

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Although they didn't really begin to have dance/pop hits until later in the '80s, the English group Level 42 provided some fine performances on this album. While vocals weren't their strong suit, they did a reasonable job of harmonizing and at least getting through the melodies, while the production and arrangements helped embellish and compensate for their singing inadequacies. Although such groups as the Pet Shop Boys and even Thompson Twins do this type of thing better, Level 42 at least isn't irritating or self-indulgent.

Level 42 The Pursuit Of AccidentsLevel 42 The Pursuit Of AccidentsLevel 42 The Pursuit Of AccidentsLevel 42 The Pursuit Of Accidents