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With the exception of recording and appearing with close friend Kid Congo Powers and New York duo Sister Boy , Annie took a hiatus from music. Being in her words 'driven insane by the hues' during a period of living in Mexico the New Yorker returned home determined to teach herself painting, something which she had dabbled in previously, by devoting a full year of average 16-hour days. Employing every medium with the exception of oils, her work has been described as "naive style is figurative, metaphorical and surrealistic, with a strong emphasis on color; often combining tortuous, expressionistic cityscapes with Biblical imagery". "God and Science", was inspired by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States . [1] She first exhibited as part of a group show curated by artist the late Louis Laurita, whom she gain much encouragement and guidance from, and had her first solo gallery show 4 years later in 2002.

Annie Anxiety Barbed Wire HaloAnnie Anxiety Barbed Wire HaloAnnie Anxiety Barbed Wire HaloAnnie Anxiety Barbed Wire Halo