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I’ve been blissfully bleeding into a Diva Cup, a popular brand, for a couple years now (NB: only when it’s my time of the month -- don’t call 911). At times, my relationship with my cup has been contentious, even chilly, but I’ve come through to the other side, and I’m here to say: My Diva Cup is not a diva, but a queen of lady-blood-holding.

The Brit's acerbic judging style was ratings gold, but his blunt delivery didn't always sit well with viewers in the show's early days. According to producer Nigel Lythgoe , Cowell was once "booed" in the first season, "and somebody was threatening to take him out with a baseball bat in New York." To ensure Cowell's safety, Lythgoe said, "We had to hire an entire security team."

Diva No More In LoveDiva No More In LoveDiva No More In LoveDiva No More In Love