Various cam or tywyllwch - Various Cam Or Tywyllwch

After the school years, Emyr left the band, and Cawley moved onto rhythm guitar. Paul Jones , a friend of Roberts from outside school, joined on bass guitar. He was older than the other boys, and was working in a dog food factory at the time. [3] The band performed Welsh language songs, and began to get noticed by the fanzines of the genre. [4] They would often work with Yr Anhrefn , either supporting them in their concerts or doing the reverse when Y Cyrff were booked as the lead act. [5] Their first recorded work was on the Cam O'r Tywyllwch compilation album on Anhrefn Records in 1985 and their track Lebanon was described by reviewer Neil Crud as being "head and shoulders above their country folk" the other songs. [6]

Various Cam Or TywyllwchVarious Cam Or TywyllwchVarious Cam Or TywyllwchVarious Cam Or Tywyllwch