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Naura and Rtihmkorf were also bound by close friendship. Later on, Naura's friends included German author GUnter Grass. In 1971 Naura became recording manager, later program editor and fi-nally director of the jazz department of German radio station NDR. Under his direction, the radio station developed "the most extensive and interesting jazz program in Europe." "His expressive voice added a high memorability to his words on the radio - many-faceted and intu-itive, sometimes softly touching, sometimes provocative," comments the NDR jazz department. "For decades he was one of NDR's most prominent voices. His warm and deep timbre still keeps ringing in our ears to this day." Naura retired in 1999. He also was a well-known jazz author. Besides his articles in compila-tions, magazines and newspapers he wrote liner notes for records and CDs.

Michael Naura Quartett CallMichael Naura Quartett CallMichael Naura Quartett CallMichael Naura Quartett Call