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Excellent spacey and avant-leaning synthpop reissued by the consistently trustworthy Minimal Wave label. Bar scarce cassette compilation appearances, these ten tracks, dating between 1979-1988, have largely remained the preserve of heads in the know, until now. Under the Hot-Bip handle Philippe created a curious world of angular electro and odder pop styles ranging from sinister-edged yet funky bits like ‘Distorsion’, to the incredible Chris Carter/Drexciyan electro of ‘Système Clair’, and a ruck of stunning EBM/Techno-Popp goodies such as ‘Rapide 5’, ‘Le Temps Des Cerises’ or ‘Industrieuse 3’. Very highly recommended!!!

Philippe Laurent Hot BipPhilippe Laurent Hot BipPhilippe Laurent Hot BipPhilippe Laurent Hot Bip