Kiki dee why dont i run away from you small town - Bad Girls Club Season 17 Episode 9 – Mr. World Premiere

I agree. I went natural in February 2017. I feel like my hair is getting thicker but appears shorter in the top and in the back. I think after June 2017 I am going back to relaxers.

who are they?

If what you want is more important than who you can have it with, then you’re right. But some men are worth the wait. It’s not all about sex, timing is critical. Have a baby prematurely and the chances for complications increase dramatically(analogy).

Lol oh so in this interview she was saying that nobody had access to her real house where the computer was to have put the photos on cease computer, becausenthey showed her last apartment with the air mattress in the livingroom and after that she didnt want them filming in her house anymore….but then if you look at that episode where she found the laptop and looked thru the stuff on it….its in her and cease REAL apartment. But she sits on here in the interview that they dont film in her house….she aint paying attention to the lies she throwing out and she focusing on trying not to say the wrong thing that could POSSIBLY be the truth….smh

Lol.. ole girl was tryna console herself she know she didn’t throw no punch cause Bri didnt give her the space to hit back….. she was embarrassed she got her ass whooped and i’m embarrassed for her cause i never thought i’d see a day her tough ass would get whopped