Digital emotion digital emotion - 9 Tips for Capturing Emotion in Your Portraits

“ LV1 is such a great-sounding console, and I love how it integrates with plugins. I recently used it to mix monitors for Santigold, who is very particular about her sound and wanted continuity between the sound on stage and at FOH. Using the system for monitors allowed me to achieve all my objectives. Such a powerful setup, with such a small footprint!”. ”

White is often associated with being pure, clean, fresh and good. The color of a fresh snowstorm brings up images of a peaceful and pure winter scene. White is a common background for Webster’s as it is easy to read black or dark text on it. When used with a design using lots of negative space it gives a very clean look to it. White is also used lots for charities and non-profit organizations to denote something good and positive. Hollywood often portrays their characters in white as being good; the white horse, the cowboy with the white hat, the white wizard etc.  White usually is associated with being pure and almost heavenly, it is associated with hospitals, doctors, and heaven.

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So once the mask drops you’ll get flashes and moments where true feeling and thoughts come through. The inner world of your subject will be revealed. That will make for a way more interesting portrait – because when you capture emotion, your portrait will end up transmitting that emotion to the viewer.

Here it is. And about time. The Nike x NBA Connected Jersey that connects wearers to highlight reels, the latest scores, player and team stats, exclusive content, training content and more. All by tapping their phone against the label. Boom!

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"It used to be that people had a way of dealing with the world that was basically, 'I have a feeling, I want to make a call.' Now I would capture a way of dealing with the world, which is: 'I want to have a feeling, I need to send a text.' That is, with this immediate ability to connect and almost pressure to ... because you're holding your phone, you're constantly with your phone, it's almost like you don't know your thoughts and feelings until you connect. And that again is something that I really didn't see until texting. You know, kids are sending out texts all the time. First it was every few minutes, now it's many times a minute."

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