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WELCOME to the PARAMETERIZED COMPLEXITY COMMUNITY WIKI. The field is growing by leaps and bounds—Herein you will find …

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” network political analyst Matthew Dowd said the religious right and President Donald Trump had “drastically diminished” America’s “moral authority.” When asked what was undiscovered by the press in the last year Dowd said, “The moral authority

… and woman’s too. Cummins’ most frightening moment in Gun Crazy is not during the scenes where she manipulates Barton sexually and emotionally, or when she suddenly pulls a gun out on some unsuspecting citizen. Her most frightening moment is the chilly look she gives to Bart’s sister, while the duo is hiding out at the sister’s house. The sister is a harried mother of three, with a mostly-absent husband, and she loves her brother. She is willing to let them stay with her for a night, but that situation quickly goes south. It is too dangerous. Too many people know they are there. Cummins walks into that small domestic scene, looks down at the kids with an expression entirely lacking in warmth, and immediately starts to size up what she needs to do to get out of there alive. The key is keeping the sister in her cross-hairs at all times. The cross-hairs of her eyes. She stands in the kitchen, filing her nails, but she never looks down at her hands. Her eyes remain trained on Bart’s sister. Finally, Bart’s sister can no longer take it, and says, “Why are you looking at me like that??” Flatly, Cummins tosses the nail file down and says, “To make sure you won’t go to the phone.” This is a dame who is crazy about guns. She can hit a moving target from out of a moving car. But she doesn’t need to point a gun at the sister to keep her in line. All she has to do is look . That look is deadlier than any pistol.

The print and online articles from the Bay Guardian newspaper and from 2006–2014 are back online at the Bay Guardian archives, and you can search the archive at this link.  We will be adding more to the archives in coming months, so stay tuned! This project is hosted by our friends at 48 Hills.

Comedic guests Garrison Keillor, Amy Schumer and Aziz Ansari take a serious look at their family trees, learning contrasting stories of assimilation, independence, hardship, and success all over the globe.

IN AN ALABAMA INTERVIEW, former Congressman Earl Hilliard brought to light the welding of the Jewish Lobbies with the Jewish-owned press and media:

Doc Bart Remember IranDoc Bart Remember Iran