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As their father investigates a gang of terrorists, the boys find clues in an airship company and a newly-opened zoo.

Art of Noise took the remix styles to an extreme—creating music entirely of samples . They were among the first popular groups to truly harness the potential that had been unleashed by the synthesizer -based compositions of electronic musicians such as Kraftwerk , Yellow Magic Orchestra, Giorgio Moroder , and Jean Michel Jarre . Contemporaneous to Art of Noise was the seminal body of work by Yello (composed, arranged and mixed by Boris Blank ). Primarily because they featured sampled and synthesized sounds, Yello and Art of Noise would produce a great deal of influential work for the next phase. Others such as Cabaret Voltaire and the aforementioned Jarre (whose Zoolook was an epic usage of sampling and sequencing ) were equally influential in this era.

Befitting someone vying to be Ann Coulter’s gay male doppelgänger, Yiannopolous’ shtick is shouting outrageous things solely designed to upset liberals. He has nothing original or interesting to share; criticizing American colleges and universities for abandoning the foundations of classical education has been de rigueur on the right since William F. Buckley Jr. published God and Man at Yale six decades ago. What has garnered Yiannopoulos so much attention, rather, is not anything he says but rather the crude and bombastic way in which he says it. If the ideal protégé of the American conservative movement has been modeled on Buckley—earnest and erudite stewards of free markets and the Western tradition standing athwart history yelling “stop”—Yiannopoulos is its attitudinal antithesis, a right-wing Bluto Blutarsky.

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“She Scrutinises Her 62nd Spring” Anna Wickham herself is a Great She, and she is a poet of a flavour which you won’t find anywere else. She wrote that verse more than twenty years ago, when she was in the process of bringing up a family, looking after her husband, running a home, and generally having her creative moods disrespected by the tyranny of the kitchen range, and the dictatorship of the darning needle.

The degree and type of revisions varied. I've grouped them into four categories, in increasing order of severity:

  1. Same story, same text: Most of the original text remains intact, with pieces cut or slightly altered here and there (example: The Phantom Freighter ).
  2. Same story, new text: The basic framework of the plot is the same, but the text has been completely (or almost completely) rewritten (example: The Tower Treasure ).
  3. New story, old ideas: The book has been completely rewitten, and the plot is not the same, but some elements are retained, such as names, capers, episodes, or locations. (Examples: The Twisted Claw retains many elements, such as the Parrot freighters, the pirate empire, and the Caribbean island. The Sinister Signpost retains the racehorse named Topnotch and Aunt Gertrude's inheritance of a stable of racehorses, but their relevance to the story is completely changed.)
  4. Completely new story: The book has been completely rewitten and shares no elements with its predecessor (example: The Flickering Torch Mystery ).

Although the book of Samuel , and initial parts of the books of Kings , portray Saul , David and Solomon ruling in succession over a powerful and cosmopolitan united kingdom of Israel and Judah , Finkelstein and Silberman regard modern archaeological evidence as showing that this may not be true. Archaeology instead shows that in the time of Solomon, the northern kingdom of Israel was quite small, too poor to be able to pay for a vast army, and with too little bureaucracy to be able to administer a kingdom, certainly not an empire; [25] it only emerged later, around the beginning of the 9th century BCE, in the time of Omri . [26] There is little to suggest that Jerusalem , called by the Bible David's capital, was "perhaps not more than a typical hill country village" during the time of David and of Solomon, [27] and Judah remained little more than a sparsely populated rural region, until the 8th century BCE. [28] [29] Though the Tel Dan Stele seems to confirm that a "House of David" existed, and "clearly validates the biblical description of a figure named David becoming the founder of the dynasty of Judahite kings in Jerusalem", it says nothing else about him. [30]

You might be amused by this piece from the Independent’s health reporter Jeremy Laurance today. It’s about what a bad man I am for pointing out when science and health journalists get things wrong. Alongside the lengthy ad hominem – a matter of taste for you – there are a number of mistakes and, more than that, a worrying resistance to the idea that anyone should dare to engage in legitimate criticism. He also explains that health journalists simply can’t be expected to check facts. This worries me. Read the rest of this entry »

Ghostwriters Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They AppearGhostwriters Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They AppearGhostwriters Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They AppearGhostwriters Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They Appear