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“In 100 years this house has never flooded at all,” Crochet told Jalopnik. “This area has never seen this amount of water.”

Ralph then heads to Tapper to ask the bartender if he knows of a game that presents bad guys with medals. After searching through Tapper's lost and found box, Ralph instead runs into a soldier from Hero's Duty who tells Ralph that of the medal in his own game. After the soldier faints at the sight of a bug, Ralph steals his armor and sneaks into the game. However, unbeknownst to Ralph, Hero's Duty turns out to be a violent game infested by deadly creatures known as the Cy-Bugs . Eventually, Ralph finds the medal, but he accidentally hatches a Cy-Bug egg; the baby bug attacks Ralph, sending him on an escape shuttle that blasts them to Sugar Rush , a candy go-kart racing game. In Sugar Rush , the Cy-Bug appears to die in a taffy lake, but it instead creates a nest underground. Ralph accidentally loses his medal, which is soon stolen by a little girl named Vanellope .

Upon meeting the young, feisty misfit Vanellope , Ralph learns that having medals and an abundance of praise isn't what makes a good-guy, but showing love and care for others, does. Loving and valiant, Ralph went through great lengths to ensure Vanellope's happiness and safety, ultimately at the expense of his own, thus allowing him to evolve from selfish to selfless over the course of the movie.

Besides being a notable racer, his ambitions and envy drove him to learn new things and brew up nefarious plots. He's the only video-game character presumed to have managed to crack the Sugar Rush security code (which was a reference to what's known as the Konami code) and re-program it to become the main character, while leaving Vanellope out.

All Good Guys stores participate in the Local Giving Program. Through this program, a percentage of every online and instore transaction is donated to community organisations in the local area surrounding the store. Each store generally supports more than one organisation and features a token box, where customers are encouraged to vote for their preferred charity by placing a token given with their receipt in a corresponding slot. [17]

In an effort to reduce further risk to human life Xaaron sent an Advance Surveillance Unit , consisting of Broadside, Sandstorm, and Inferno, to set up a reconnaissance base. Though their primary mission was to observe and not interfere, the two Wreckers and Inferno could not help put go to the aid of a local town when a Firebug crash landed nearby and started multiple blazes. Firebug!

Because women see nice guys as being weaker than those who flaunt their “strength” – if you can call it that – they feel that it’s okay to use them and then leave them hanging.

Good Guys Wreck It UpGood Guys Wreck It UpGood Guys Wreck It UpGood Guys Wreck It Up