Crescendos the boy next door - 1963年 The Crescendos -「 The Boy Next Door / Besame Mucho.

Adapted from the story “The Henley Road Motel” in the book MISS CORPUS by Clay McLeod Chapman (who co-wrote the script with the director), THE BOY is the first in a planned film trilogy, and a fascinating, beautifully shot, slow-build opening chapter. The acting is understated, and confrontational in its silence—a truthful document of this kind of existence. But to watch THE BOY is to enter white noise and isolation for almost two hours. We spend much of this time alone with Ted, trapped with him in his lonely descent. Morse enhances the movie’s exquisite silence with the looming physicality of his presence. His dialogue is so sparse as to almost be subliminal, the text scaled back at the actor’s own request.

Phish was formed at the University of Vermont (UVM) in 1983 by guitarists Trey Anastasio and Jeff Holdsworth , bassist Mike Gordon , and drummer Jon Fishman . For their first gig, at Harris Millis Cafeteria at the University of Vermont on December 2, 1983, the band was billed as "Blackwood Convention". [6] (" Blackwood convention " is a term from the card game contract bridge .) The band was joined by percussionist Marc Daubert in the fall of 1984, a time during which they promoted themselves as playing Grateful Dead songs. [7] Daubert left the band early in 1985, [8] and Page McConnell then joined the group on keyboards and made his debut on May 3, 1985, at a show at Wilks/Davis/Wing Dormitory on Redstone Campus at UVM. [9] Holdsworth left the group after graduating in 1986, solidifying the band's lineup of "Trey, Page, Mike, and Fish"—the lineup to this day. [8]

Crescendos The Boy Next DoorCrescendos The Boy Next DoorCrescendos The Boy Next Door