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It was a little after 6 . on May 31. Dozens of storm chasers were navigating back roads beneath a swollen, low-hung mesocyclone that had brought an early dusk to the remote farm country southwest of El Reno, Oklahoma. Robinson, a website designer and chaser from St. Louis, jumped into his compact Toyota and sped east. He peered out at the tornado framed in his passenger-side window, now wrapping itself in rain so dense that he struggled to make out its leading edge. He swore it was moving farther away. If he got out ahead of it, he reasoned, he might get a better look.

MonĂ¡e debuted tracks from The Electric Lady at the 2012 Toronto Jazz Festival. The Electric Lady was made available for pre-order through the iTunes Store on July 2, 2013, with " Dance Apocalyptic " as a pre-order bonus. The album features nineteen tracks, although only "Dance Apocalyptic" and previously released single " . " were revealed. [4]

The special was directed by Osamu Dezaki , an experienced anime director who had previously storyboarded several episodes of Lupin The Third Part I . [3] In addition Dezaki created the storyboards under the pseudonym Makura Saki , something he commonly did despite being well known for creating his own storyboards. [4]

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