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The Four Seasons Rag Doll lyrics Oooh ooh.....
Aah, ah... rag doll
Oooh ooh....

(Hand me down)
When she was just a kid
Her clothes were
Hand me down
(Hand me down)
They always laughed at her
When she came into town

Called her rag doll
Little rag doll
Such a pretty face
Should be dressed in lace

Oooh ooh......

(Sad rag doll)
I'd change her sad rags
Into glad rags
If I could (if I could)
My folks won't let me
Cause they say
That she's no good

She's a rag doll
Such a rag doll
Though I love her so
I can't let her know

Oooh ooh.....
Aah ah....rag doll
I love you just
The way you are

Oooh ooh.....
Rag doll, oooh
Aah ah..... rag doll

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"Rag Doll" was a major artistic and commercial triumph for the Four Seasons, reaching #1 in 1964 with a song that was creative on the melodic, production, and lyrical fronts. The heavily accented bass triplets that open the record are certainly indebted to Phil Spector, sharing some similarities with the bass-percussive pattern that opens the Spector-produced "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes. The vocals certainly aren't like the Ronettes, though; they're inimitably Four Seasons, with Frankie Valli's super-high falsetto managing to sound wistful rather than aggressive or prickly. The echoing tambourine is another Spectoresque touch, and the Four Seasons' dense harmonies and a bell pealing in the background thicken the arrangement. Like many Four Seasons' hits, the verses benefit from extremely well-timed call-and-response from Valli's lead and the lower backup vocalists. Lyrically "Rag Doll" is a little unusual and adventurous for the era, though one guaranteed to push buttons among lovesick teenagers. The situation was one which many young lovers encounter, in varying degrees: a couple from different sides of the tracks, the woman or "Rag Doll" of the title obviously from the worse one. The Four Seasons pledge that they'd dress her up in much better clothes than the ones she's forced to wear by virtue of her budgetary limitations if they could. Of course, the line "if I could" implies that the guy isn't too well off himself. But what's reassuring is that he loves her just the way she is, in spite of the way much of the rest of society puts her down for her poverty and hand-me-down garments. "Rag Doll" doesn't get to the point of rebellion or defiance in this respect, but the message that it's what a girl is rather than what she wears that counts is a good one. Of course, that message would have been ignored had it not been for the musical excellence of the song, which was high-quality pop-rock with a tinge of sadness, as was the way for many Bob Gaudio-Bob Crewe collaborations for the Four Seasons. Vocally, the group does a fine job with the chorus, Valli singing the title line with a restrained falsetto, though he lets loose with some more uninhibited high wordless falsetto during the fadeout.

The Four Seasons Rag Doll Silence Is GoldenThe Four Seasons Rag Doll Silence Is GoldenThe Four Seasons Rag Doll Silence Is GoldenThe Four Seasons Rag Doll Silence Is Golden