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Over a million standard years ago, the Eldar alone ruled the stars as the undisputed masters of their own destiny. Such a position was their right, they thought, and their preeminence was beyond doubt. In many ways, the Eldar had good reason for such hubris, for no other race had posed a serious threat to their wealth and stability for time immemorial. They were convinced that they no longer had anything to fear from the galaxy at large, and they may have been right, but the real danger came from within. The doom of the Eldar, when it came, took a form far more subtle and dangerous than that of alien invasion. At that point in Eldar history, nothing was beyond their reach and nothing was forbidden. The ancient race continued their glorious existence unaware or unwilling to acknowledge the dark fate that awaited them. They plied the stars at will, experiencing the wonders of the galaxy and immersing themselves completely in the endless sensations that it offered them. Such was the technological mastery of the Eldar that worlds were created specifically for their pleasure, and stars lived or died at their whim.

These shows started out popular, but soon became thought of as “gaudy due to their meager budget and ostentatious showcasing of generally unimpressive acts.” ( )

In episode 6 when Hopper (David Harbour) leaves Eleven a voicemail to tell her he’ll be home soon, he’s wearing the same blue bracelet he wore in season 1. Recall that in the first season, the show suggests Hopper’s daughter Sara died from cancer . But the true reason for her disappearance has been the subject of speculation among fans. Fueling the theory that something supernatural happened, Hopper puts it this way to Eleven in the season 2 finale: “she left us” because the black hole that he is “got her.” The fact that he’s still wearing this bracelet hints he won’t let Sara go, and his devotion to his new role in Eleven’s life is a part of that.

Tank Filth Hounds Of HadesTank Filth Hounds Of HadesTank Filth Hounds Of HadesTank Filth Hounds Of Hades