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This soft and comfortable microsuede bootie is the perfect ankle boot to add a chic flair to any outfit. The full inside zipper offers easy on and off entry and the stabilized heel design offers ultimate support with every step. 

This use of the piece, and the chase scenes themselves, have been parodied in many other movies and TV shows, including Get a Life , [12] the 2006 American film V for Vendetta , in the 2015 Doctor Who episode " The Girl Who Died ", and the animated TV shows The Simpsons , Family Guy and South Park . The stop motion animated sketch comedy series Robot Chicken featured a brief sketch depicting Benny Hill's funeral (using dolls) where the attendees have a Benny Hill Show-type chase scene with many of the usual gags and a song similar to Yakety Sax. The theme was used during the 2012 Olympics beach volleyball event between sets (where rakers must rush to smooth out the court). [13]

That’s one of the major advantages of the Aviator frames — the full coverage view, which is especially good with the accessory clip-on sunglasses installed. I can honestly say they have given me the best viewing and eyesight I have ever experienced while wearing a motorcycle helmet. No glare, not bright spots sneaking in over the top or bottom, just pure shaded (and in-focus) bliss.

Randolph made a far bigger splash when he was contacted to play on Elvis Presley's first post-army album, Elvis is Back! , where he laid down a gritty blues solo on the remake of Lowell Fulson's "Reconsider Baby." "They knew I was versatile with the different sounds and I got to be the guy they would hire to put on the sessions, but sometimes I'd record only one song all night," Randolph recalled. "They knew that sooner or later he'd run into something that he'd like to put the sax on…. I don't believe anyone played a saxophone solo on one of Elvis's records but me. I played background and baritone sax on a lot of his stuff. It wasn't always real dominant. 'Return to Sender' was one of the biggest things I played baritone sax on. I did it on some other things, like the soundtracks that we did for the movies."

Boots Randolph Boots Randolphs Yakety SaxBoots Randolph Boots Randolphs Yakety SaxBoots Randolph Boots Randolphs Yakety SaxBoots Randolph Boots Randolphs Yakety Sax